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Marcom + SAAS

Full Service Marketing & PR Agency

PremiumPublicity is 360 full-service agency with an arsenal of battle-tested marketing specialists, top-industry PR professionals powered by state-of-the-art marketing automation technology software.


Serving 12 Industry Groups

No matter which industry your business belongs to, we have had experience serving companies in your sector or closely-related sectors.

Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Biotechnology

20 Projects

Lifestyle Beauty Fashion Fitness Wellness

35 Projects

Tourism Hospitality Gaming Entertainment

24 Projects

Ecommerce CPG Trade Retail Wholesale

38 Projects

Manufacturing Engineering

12 Projects

Power Energy Utility Environment

13 Projects

Real Estate Construction Home Services

36 Projects

Transportation Logistics

23 Projects

Education Legal Professional Services

32 Projects

Banking Insurance Financial Services

28 Projects

Technology Electronics Telecommunications

40 Projects

Public Figures Consultants Coaches Influencers

46 Projects

See What Clients Say About Us

Maurizio Monte Partner at Glare Lighting

Great press release service that has gotten my company news on top global news portals like Reuters, Bloomberg, Yahoo. I also like that they helped me gather a list of media contacts in construction and architecture space in Europe and USA for story followups. Would be great to try out their digital PR’s media placements down the road. I can say that their services can deliver great value for your marketing dollar.

Julian Efler Owner at Whiros Consulting

The team at Premium Publicity is great at getting press for my company. We hired them for our 3-month branding campaign and got several press coverage for our story on online business magazines and even one print trade journal of US & APEC markets. The brand value of these articles are worth the investment taking into consideration of how high ticket services my consulting business is offering. Highly recommended team who takes care of client’s press needs

F. Deniz Sari IT Manager at Mikroes IT Consultancy

Mikroes team asked Premium Publicity to create a customer journey via a marketing funnel that demonstrate our company’s capabilities in simplifying end-user self-service for IT service firms with large end-user base. We were surprised with the quality of the three step funnel. It showcased our expertise in providing quick user base related issues and pre-qualified leads that help us reduce 18% time spent on completing sales cycle. We would see long term benefit from cooperating with the team.

Gusnur Ismail Project Coordinator at Lenzing Group

Premium Publicity exceeded KPI for the number of demo requests booked within the first two months of the engagement. The team is able to pivot approach based on incoming results and is prospecting for energy products more efficiently than we were doing before.

Gary Keife CEO at Tight Transport

Premium Publicity was able to greatly improve my logistics website ranking through their expert SEO. With their help, we were also generating quality leads much more successfully from email marketing sequences.

Morad Mousatni Sales And Marketing Specialist at Doctors 365

My team wanted to implement best SEO practices and improve our rankings with healthcare keywords in the SERPs of our three geographical market. The engagement has resulted in main keywords ranking on page one and two and some mid table keywords on page three to five. We also noticed we have gotten a interest from two investors in recent months, which could be result of improved ranking. My team is happy with their flexibility and performance.

Jacob Salzberg Game Design Manager at Aquiris Game Studio

Premium Publicity plays a major role in helping our game as robust as possible. We got to work with several experienced game reviewers and bug finding experts who provided great feedbacks that are applicable. We indeed received several useful reports written in great detail that we know the team have worked themselves into the gameplay and understand the nooks and crannies to fish out glitches. A great team for game testing.

Joao Correia Quality Control Manager at Lionbridge

I had the pleasure of working with Premium Publicity on a special digitalization project for our company’s marketing department. As a technical IT person, I appreciate that their marketing automation software can be set up and running quickly. All software needed gather together at one place like website builder, funnel designer, CRM, email marketing app, appointment setter, chatbox,…Although there is some learning curve to familiarize with all functionalities, our company staff could get the hang of the software without much difficulty as the software guide is quite straightforward. If you want a professional CRM & marketing software that gets results for your company, I highly recommend seeking help of the Premium Publicity team.

Kesja Plecha Marketing Manager at Blueberry Dreams

Our company landing pages were getting a couple of thousands of visitors monthly via organic and paid traffic without converting much into email and phone inquiries. We are glad that they went above and beyond reviewing our funnel data and implemented a two-month CRO program that resulted in a completely revamped sales funnel with better layout & stronger marketing copy. We got an improvement of 29% in inquires after the campaign’s AB testings period which resulted in an extra 16 paying clients compared to pre-campaign period. We will consider working with them on future projects.

Jack Foxcroft Project Manager at Atkins

Their automation software saves my team a lot of time when we already were busy with implementing our engineering project by cutting down time setting up promotion to and follow up with our potential business partners. We like the idea of communicating with our clients about budget, schedule, technical issues via one dashboard, whether it is Facebook message, email and SMS. The platform monthly cost is low-priced and support team helped us set up an automated visualized sales funnel to keep track of our project performance on a day-to-day basis. Overall, this piece of all-in-one software can help marketing work more centralized and integrated, making it a valuable part for small and large business alike

    Serving 12 MarCom Services

    With 12 services in 3 solution groups, our extensive capabilities make us one-stop shop for all marketing communications services you ever need.

    Have Presence

    Get Seen

    Set a robust foundation for your digital presence with highly-converting website & content that rank well in search engine.

    Website & UI/UX Design Service

    Include basic conversion optimization service package at no charge & unlimited revisions.

    94 Projects

    Conversion Rate Optimization Service

    Increase conversion rate of your marketing funnels & landing pages up to 650%.

    61 Projects

    Content Marketing Service

    Hundreds of written & designed content sample for dozens of verticals by a team of professional industry practitioners.

    88 Projects

    Search Engine Optimization Service

    Ranked 342 keywords to #1. Enterprise quality content creation, link diversification and link building campaigns.

    176 Projects

    Grow Business

    Get Expanded

    Use both inbound and outbound marketing to set up a scalable & reliable system to generate leads and revenue

    Marketing Automation System with CRM & Email Marketing Software

    Provide you with our marketing automation software & supporting apps as an integrated ecosystem to improve lead generation by 61% & sales revenue by 47%

    74 Projects

    PPC & Funnel Lead Generation Service

    Build sales and marketing funnels along with PPC program that are proven to increase leads conversion by up to 475% from cold traffic.

    93 Projects

    Pay Per Call Lead Generation Service

    Generate ready-to-buy call leads that can be targeted locally, region-wide, nationwide or globally using multiple marketing channels & platforms

    49 Projects

    B2B Sales Prospecting & Appointment Setting Service

    Save thousands of dollars per staff by outsourcing B2B prospecting & appointment setting while increasing number of qualified meetings by up to 320%.

    39 Projects

    Build Brand

    Get Reputation

    Get brand visibility and build authority & trust with stakeholders with public relations and communications.

    PR Campaign & Organization Communications Service

    Let our top-tier PR & Communications pro to run campaigns for you. Proven record of hundreds of past successful campaigns that gets hundreds of millions of media impression .

    38 Projects

    Media Placement & Media Coverage Service

    Guarantee 99% of the time we can get your brand featured & interviewed in top tier news media & industry media

    48 Projects

    Press Release & Media Pitching Service

    Deliver your news to hundreds of local & global media newsdesks, premium TV radio & news sites & get the badge "As seen on ABC CBC NBC FOX"

    87 Projects

    Influencer Branding Service

    Premium digital branding. Create Wikipedia page, Google Knowledge Panel & Facebook & Instagram Verification Badge.

    25 Projects

    Our Team Makeup

    Our team composition is a diverse multi-skilled and multi-platform mix of subject matter specialists across various marketing communications specialities, working in tandem to achieve projects’ goals.

    Digital Marketing Specialists
    PR & Communications Pros
    Industry Practitioners & Subject Matter Experts
    Software & Database Specialists

    Why Choose Us

    Our agency is built from the ground-up with top professionals & services that can surpass specialty agencies. We are a living proof of specialization & scalability. 

    Extensive Portfolio

    Our team has comprehensive portfolio of proven results with case studies of hundreds of verticals and industries. Rest assured that we can handle marketing communications for your business model.

    Top-notched Professionals

    We have specialists in every domain of marketing communications you can think of. Save yourself doubt vby handling work to a team that is certified & experienced in their specialities.

    Convenience with Quality

    Every service we offer is constantly optimized and improved in performance by top industry practitioners. Work with an all-in-one agency that offers marketing, communications, public relations, marketing software system that are designed to work in sync without wasting time trying different marketing tech stack & different types of agencies.

    Premium Publicity team is a group of battle-tested marketing practitioners and top level industry communications & PR professionals. We drive marketing results and shape communications for brands.


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